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Handmade Sonic Art
    Handmade in California with no compromise, one on one service and Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y  
                                             0 down to list any standard build. 

       Please note: Most anything is possible here using the below circuits. Double pedals, triple pedals
        quads, just ask.

Played by these great artists:  David Torn, Andy Summers, Dweezil Zappa, Henry Kaiser, Josh Smith, Steve Kimock, Matte Henderson,  Anders Isberg, Danny Jones, Eric Barnett (Points North), Erik Emil Eskildsen, Harvey Valdez, Ed Pettersen, Paulo Passos (Zabomba), Mike McGraw (Brian Buckley band), Linda Taylor, Eli Friedman (Small Multiples), Steven Edmunds, Brian Stoltz (Meters, Neville Bros), Nakarin Teerapenum (T bone), Dean Sharp, Joseph Allen Popp, Mark Cuthbertson, Lance Keltner, Bob Gore, Yotam Afik, John Flannery, David Henderson, Luke Rice (Atomsmash), Bruce Brophy (the Big Jangle)

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NEW! Rotobone  299.00    Rotobone with Gesi switch 329.00
The king of bone pedals includes:
Treble boost

3D like breathy synthy sounds
Fuzzy approximations of:
French horn
sub harmonic fuzz tuba
Ring mod
Low Octaves available on every string

Octaves that ghost in and out
Control octaves with your vol. knob and attack
Blown speaker
Amp meltdown
Tunable feedback drone

Rotobone + with Gesi switch   329.00

NEW! BMGTx Same Bone Machine GT features, new size. 280.00

NEW!   Full mini-bone with side "T" or Gesi switch    240.00

Tornita! KS (kitchen sink) 299.00

Go big.

Warm, articulate, scary, beautiful, singing, endless sustain, velocity, mayhem, random arpeggiating, air raid sirens, chunk, low octaves, quick crisp rolloff, controlled wierdness.
Sounds good to me pal.

The KS switches both first and second tranny's (not diodes) independently giving 4 combinations

Si > Ge hybrid
Ge > Si hybrid
Ge > Ge

Loose / tight switch, 3 way presence, feedback phase switch, bias and plenty of volume on tap,

shown in stressed aluminum. Free with the KS



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                  3 demos in 1
           This video features L to R    
  /  BurningSensation  / mini-bone Model T                                                          


Burning Sensation  pure germanium fuzz. Greasy, smokey, bliss. Great vol, knob cleanup. Plenty of output, Low noise.
The Tone control warms things up nicely without loss of definition or your place in a mix.
The gain knob has many sweet spots and you will hear traces of the classic past and present.
Shit eating grin included.

250.00 for NPN germs. Battery or standard adapter.
240.00 for PNP germs. Battery or standard adapter. (Not daisychainable)

Bone Machine 229.00  the mini-bone with battery space

Bone Machine T 249.00 with battery space and "T" switch. Switch from stock input cap to the socketed cap of your choice. This has great impact on all sounds.
Bone Machine Ge 249.00 With battery space and Ge/Si tranny switch. All other features the same. Battery or adapter. 

Bone Machine GT

Ge/si switch. Switch from all silicon to hybrid Germanium/Silicon
New "T" switch. Turns the bone Machine into a treble booster or just cuts some bass. An internal socket and cap assortment is provided. This unlocks many new sounds, textures. and new octaves on high strings.

Vintage to modern, boost, overdrive, fuzz, low octaves, horn sounds.


Volume rollback provides chime and spank through the filthiest grit and everything in between. 


BMGTx Same features, new size. 280

Mini-bone Hand finish 220.00 Adapter only   NEW! With side "T" or Gesi switch 240.00

Gesi (jesse) all of the sounds of the mini-bone plus a Germanium / Silicon tranny switch.
Dead simple operation.
adapter only

mini-bone Model "T" 229.00  adapter only
This baby kills. simple operation, a wide range of spanky od , distortion, beautiful fuzz, low octaves, ring mod, horns. Simple stock / socketed T cap switch makes this baby a no brainer.

Bettaboost  199.00 

Powerful clean boost, Light OD, tone control and 3 low end settings. Flat / Fat and Boom

Have a pedal you love but wish it had more low end?
Have an old fuzz you wish had a tone control?
Wanna make your TS style OD a distinct british bite?
Just want to add great Vol. boost for leads?   The mini-bone loves the bettaboost. Get em' both with the bettabone.


           Check out Levin Torn White  The mini-bone and Tornita! are heavily featured
                                                    on this brilliant disk.            




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